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Plastic kite with fiberglass rods


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Mix of : Barbie, Disney Princess, Dora, and Sponge Bob.


kite, kites, party kite, party kites,

Miniature diamond kites, Assortment of 12 (1) Tinkerbell (2) Spider Man (2) Ironman (2) Princess (2) Toy Story (1) Transformers, and (2) Bakugan. Great for kids. They really fly. Ready To Fly

Miniature diamond kite. Great for kids.They really fly.

Air Inflatable Kite that can fly in almost no wind. No Assembly Required, easy flyer.

(16) Two packs, one ea. nylon 20 in. Sledy kite & a 4 in. poly mini diamond per pack. No assembly required. Toll of 32 kites.

(1) Nylon 20 in Sledy kite & (1) Poly 4 in. Mini diamond  kite, No assembly required

 Mix of TMNT Leonardo, Hello Kitty, Spider Man, Ariel, and Transfromers.

A very low cost box kite with wings. Easy to assemble and  fly. Plastic with fiberglass rods.

Disney princess Kite

Plastic kite with fiberglass rods


Princess Kite, Lic. Diamond 23 in

Easy to assemble, great kite for all ages. Ready 2 Fly.

SkyDiamond 23 in. (Plastic) Kites (Party pack Of 10)

Mix of: Blue Angles, Thunder Birds, TMNT, Barbie, Disney Princess, Jake, Planes, Spider Man,, Sponge Bob, Super man, Transformers,

Click on link below to see Sky Diamond Kite fly.

Air Foil Sledy Kites 31 in. (Party Pack Of 10)

Neatest kites ya ever seen. Just shake this sled kite out and you're ready to fly.

Mix: of Descipable Me, Doc Mcstuffing, Jake, Disney Princess, Spider Man, Trans formers,