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You'll be sure to spot these bird kites for miles. Mix of Eagles, Falcons, Hawks, and Owls.

Click on link below to see this kite fly.

Breezy Flier Delta Kites 42 in. (Party pack Of 12)

Mix Of: Dart Frogs, Dinosaurs, Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Tropical Fish, Sharks.

Transformers Kite

Color me, then fly!  Made of Tyvek paper. Ready To fly.

Comes with coloring pencils.



C-60 Stunt Kite By Xkites

A great stunt kite for a little money.

Delta XT Kite 54 in. (Party Pack Of 12)

12 Delta Kites . Mix Of: Humming Birds, Sail Boats, Shark, Skull And Bones, Tree Frogs, and Tropical Fish kites. A really fun delta kite thats easy to fly with lots of colors.

Black Bird, Blue Bird, MedPig and Red Bird Kites. Easy to assemble, great kite for all ages.

Click on link below to see this kite fly.

Assortment of (4) LadyBugs, (4) Gecko, (2) Tree Frogs, (3) Tropical Fish & (3) Turtles.

Click on link below to see me fly.

Mix of Dragons, Fairys, Griffins, Mermaids.

Mix of Airplanes, Space Shuttles, and Attack Copter Kites.