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How to stack Dyna Kites®


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Click on link to see how to install Self Adjust Phantom.

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Click links below to see Dyna Kite™ how to take off videos by the world famous Windjammers.



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Replacement parts for DC-60, Flameboy, Wet Willy and Devil stunt kites by Xkites.

$0.69 - $3.99

Dyna® Sport and XL-70 stunt kite parts are the same as they have the same frame.

$0.69 - $3.99

How to tie your stacking lines on a Dyna Kite™.

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Dyna Kite Standard Phantom

How to install the Dyna Kite® Standard Phantom. A must-have for flying Dyna Kite® stacks of 6 or more kites. Made In The USA

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Click on links below to see how to attach the Dyna Kite® Bridle.



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(1) Best wind for most (1) one string kites 50 inches and under is 7 to 12 mph. The package that your kite comes in should have the wind range listed. Example-- if the wind range is 5 to 15 mph it wont fly in 4 mph or over 15 mph. A kite with wind range of 5 to 20 will flyin in wind 5 to 20 mph ect.

(2) Make sure kite is properly assembled and flying line is attached in the correct  position. If its not, it is not going to fly at all.

(3) Be sure to let out at least 50 ft. of line or more, some kites will not fly if you only let out 5 or 10 ft., some will but most wont.

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DC Sport 60 Stunt Kite Parts

Replacement parts for Sport 60 stunt kite.

$0.69 - $3.99

Replacement parts for XL 80 stunt kite by Xkites.

$0.69 - $3.99

Replacement rods for all kites, Cut to fit. (Note) Rods may vary up to 1/4 in. long or short, please allow for this when ordering.

$1.89 - $2.29

Great for flying any dual line kites or for dyna kite stacks

Reg Price $28.99, Now only $22.99

2 lines, 2 Straps, and winder. Line sleeved on both ends.

ES/55 Blue Line, Dual line Sets, Ideal for any stunt kite with less than 50 lbs. of pull.

(Sale price is good for in stock only)