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27 in. dragon diamond kite

Diamond Kite with image of a Dragon.

Mix of Dragons, Fairys, Griffins, Mermaids.

A big Dragon with 6 ft. 4 in. wing span.

Click on link below to see me fly.

Party Pack Mini Nylon Kites

(4) owls, (4) Turtles, (4) Fish.

(Does not include Dragons as shown in photo.)

Mini Nylon Kites Box Of 12 by Xkites

2 each: 28 in. Dragons, 22 in. Butteryflys, 22 in. Frogs, 18 in. LadyBugs, 23 in. Owls, 21.5 in.Turtles.

Click on link below to see Mini Nylon Kite fly.



Novelty King Cobra-shaped kite with 12.5 foot streamer tail, perfect for the beach.