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1-String Kites for Kids to Adults

Whether you're new to kite flying, a kid, or a kid at heart, you’ll love our selection of 1-string (single-line) kites in all shapes, colors, and styles, including: old-fashioned "Ben Franklin" diamond kites, airplanes, many species of bird kites, triangular-shaped deltas, sledy "sled" kites that fold up and fit in a pocket, fierce oriental dragons, cellular box kites, party kites you can buy in packs for parties and special events, and novelty kites in a variety of fun and strange shapes and sizes. 

Stunt Kites for Beginners to Advanced Kite Fliers

Every kite flier is certain to find something challenging to fly in our stunt kites selection, which includes: stacking diamond Dyna Kites; stunt kites by Flying Wing, Dyna Kite and XKites; trick kites by HQ Kites; a wide variety of : 2-string trick kites; 3-D stunt kites that can do loops and dives; and other sport kites.

Not sure what you can handle? You can search for the kite that's perfect for you via our Kites By Skill Level categories.

Little girl with butterfly kiteNew Line of Miniature Kites and Party Kites

Kids of all ages, but especially the little ones, will love our miniature kites. From butterflies, fairies, princesses and dragons to trains, planes and automobiles, there's something to please every munchkin. We've even got a line on superheroes, including: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Buzz Lightyear and Tigger. Ok, so Tigger isn't really a superhero, but I thought he deserved special mention. 'Course so do Tinkerbell, Barbie, Nemo, and a host of others.

We've had so many requests for multi-packs of kites that we've added a whole new line of Party Kites. Available in packages of 4 to 60, our Party Kites are perfect for birthday parties, barbeques, picnics, company picnics, a day at the beach or park, backyard fun, or any outdoor playtime.

>Wind Socks

We also stock a variety of Wind Socks you can hang in the breeze.

Shop By Skill Level or Category

At Wind Dance Kites, there’s something for the whole family. You can even shop by skill level: beginner, intermediate and advanced so you're sure to find the perfect kite to suit your particular skill level. Of course, you can also shop by category (see list on left) or search for kites by keyword or manufacturer.

Clearance Kites and Ding & Dent

Boy with Dragon Bailinese kite Check out our Clearance section for great deals on kites we have in limited quantities or are clearing out due to overstock.

We're Happy to Answer Questions

Have a question? Ask us. We've personally flown just about every kite we carry. We even take phone calls! (Just remember we're on Eastern Time.)



Man flying a stack of Dyna KitesNot just a paper airplane, our gliders come in all shapes, and sizes up to 7 feet! So simple, anyone can fly them. Little ones may have some trouble with the larger-size gliders, but we've got plenty of smaller gliders to choose from, too, including: dragons, flying serpents, airplanes, flying fish and more.

Single Line Kites

Looking for a fun and relaxing kite for kids of all ages? Check out our selection of single line kites and Stunt kites for beginners.

Stunt Kites, aka Sport Kites

If you're a kite-flying pro or looking for a new & exciting challenge, take a look at our selection of stunt kites and stacking kites. Our Dyna Kites are the best stacking diamond stunt kites on the market today! They're perfect for beginners because they're easy to fly, easy to learn on, and safe to use. They're also challenging for intermediate and advanced kite fliers. No kite on the market is as versatile: as your skill increases, just add more kites to your stack! The current world record is 111 Dyna Kites in a single stack. Yes, I said, "One-hundred eleven Dyna Kites in a single stack!"